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Direct Air Capture (DAC) of carbon dioxide is not a new idea, but the x/44 approach is. Instead of relying on energy-intensive thermal reactions to capture CO₂ from the atmosphere, our solution employs an electrochemical process, which yields the same product at a much lower price, energy, and carbon intensity.

Growing the Potential of DAC

x/44 has developed a novel approach that is not energy intensive and can be used in partnership with carbon removal and storage technologies - from large concrete plants in urban areas to novel ocean mineralization facilities. Most other DAC companies require a large upfront investment in equipment, need a lot of physical space, utilize too much energy, and require harsh ecologically unsafe chemicals. x/44 will make it possible for nearly any organization to capture historical carbon dioxide emissions, affordably and sustainably.

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The Electrochemical Difference 

The x/44 solution introduces a different approach to DAC - Electrochemical Fractional Enrichment: eFCE. Electrochemically driven pH swing adsorption/desorption processes can produce partially concentrated CO₂ streams from air using renewable energy at low energy intensities. This will enable wider spread use of both DAC and alternative CO₂ utilization/abatement technologies. The four key benefits of the x/44 approach are:

Reduced electricity

A novel electrochemical reactor uses water electrolysis to generate acid and base to facilitate a pH swing while generating H as a co-product, allowing for DAC at a net energy intensity that is at least two times lower than existing approaches.


Sustainable process, end-to-end

Electrochemical cells drive a pH shift to regenerate CO₂-rich solvents rapidly and efficiently while re-circulating charge balancing salts.


Modular scale up


Durable, readily replicable, and energy-efficient modular electrochemical reactors that are “rackable and stackable” such that overall scaling in system size is achieved by adding units rather than building larger plants.

Enables downstream capture technologies


Enhances alternative CO₂ utilization and abatement technologies by providing distributed and flexible access to partially enriched/concentrated CO₂ (5-to-99 vol.% CO₂ ), which allows spatial decoupling from point-sources of CO₂ emission.

The x/44 Technology 

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Our Partners

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Partner with us

Are you ready to learn more about working with x/44? We are ready to talk. 

We offer solutions for organizations seeking a simple method to capture carbon, and/or are in the market for hydrogen. Our solutions are flexible and do not require a large upfront investment, but do offer a great positive impact on the environment and support reaching carbon mitigation goals. 

Reach us at to learn more about how we can work together for a cleaner future. 

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