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x/44 delivers low-cost, modular, electrochemical direct air capture

to catalyze carbon dioxide utilization and removal.

What’s in a name? x/44 (pronounced “x over 44”) is inspired by the mathematical and scientific principles that boldly empower its solution. The name’s structure is that of a fraction, highlighting both the immediate threat of rising concentrations of CO₂ in the atmosphere and the solution through fractional enrichment. The name’s denominator, “44”, is the molecular weight of CO₂, while the numerator, “x”, is the most common mathematical variable, again calling the technology’s ability to tailor concentrations as needed.


x/44 has a critical responsibility to restore the delicate balance of our atmosphere while also providing industry with a stable supply of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO₂) and green hydrogen (H₂). 


x/44 values transparency, humanity, and action, and is dedicated to achieving carbon dioxide removal at an unprecedented scale to assure a just, inhabitable future for all people and life forms on Earth.

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